DIY Floral Potpourri with Essential Oils

DIY Floral Potpourri with Essential OilsThe history of potpourri goes back to the 12th century, for the purpose of freshening the rooms in castles.

It’s understandable that those who lived in a castle would want to get rid of damp, moldy, and stale odors, and opt for a fresh, floral, and lively scent instead!

The following DIY floral potpourri with essential oils recipe would have been perfect to transform the stale scent of a castle!

Making your own potpourri is a terrific way to reconnect with nature because you’re collecting the materials yourself. You’re also creating something that’s one-of-a-kind that gives a glimpse of who you are.

Furthermore, homemade potpourri makes a thoughtful gift. Package it in a clear bag and adorn with a pretty bow and your own personalized tag or label!

DIY Floral Potpourri with Essential Oils

To make your own DIY floral potpourri with essential oils, collect dried leaves, flowers and small wood shavings.

Next, crush these materials to the desired size. Place 1/2 cup of plant material in a wide-mouthed glass jar and add:

Stir the contents well. Tighten the lid on the jar.  Let the potpourri sit for several days to allow the aroma molecules to be absorbed by the plant material.

Finally, take your potpourri from the jar and display in a pretty bowl or other open container. Now, you not only have visually appealing décor for your bathroom, bedroom, or living room, but you also created a pleasing floral aroma that helps transform your mood!

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