Essential Oils for Releasing Fears

Essential Oils for Releasing Fears Fear is a silent, lingering feeling that prevents us from moving forward. It’s a part of the fight or flight response, which is a natural human survival instinct.

But what happens when fear becomes more than a mere silent feeling, and turns into a nagging monster and there’s no fear to be found?

The possibility that something – anything – can simply go wrong can strike fear in even the most fearless of us. When a feeling of fear sets in, the adrenal glands release adrenaline, which creates a very distinct response in our bodies: a fast heart rate; sweating; digestive issues; even blurred vision; palpitations; and numbness.

Our physiological response protects us from the assumed fear but, occasionally, it betrays us. It’s normal to be fearful when seeing a scary movie (if you’re scared by that sort of thing), but when you’re feeling fearful every day, and feeling anxious for no reason at all, then it’s probably time to seek out a solution to put your mind at ease.

Fear is a powerful emotion, and can limit one’s potential if it is allowed to blow out of proportion. The fearful individual does not move forward, and feels stagnant and alone.

Even the very best actors and public speakers have stage fright — the best of us have fear, even though it may be out of proportion. Interestingly enough, it is now recommended by the Birmingham University’s Neuropsychiatry clinic that professional actors use aromatherapy to deal with stage fright (usually coupled with hypnosis).

Essential Oils for Releasing Fears

Essential oils are a calming, natural tool to lessen symptoms of fear.* They are so powerful, that even a few sniffs from the bottle can help an individual to relax almost immediately!*

We’ve put together a list of some of the very best essential oils to use when feeling fear, as well as blends that target specific objects of fear (are you afraid of failure? change?).* Use the oils individually, try out a blend, or pair the ones you like together.

Essential oils can be used in several ways: add a few drops to your bath water; use in a room diffuser; inhale from a tissue or directly from the bottle; or dilute a few drops of oil in 1 ounce of carrier oil (almond oil, jojoba oil, etc…) and rub into your skin.

Read further for our list of essential oils for releasing fears, as well as to request your free collection of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping scripts to use in conjunction with essential oils. Continue reading

Heart Chakra, Fear of Failure, and Opening Our Heart

Heart Chakra, Fear of Failure, and Opening Our HeartA recent session with a client shifted the foundation of the way she relates to herself.

Although she had a brilliant career as a young woman and changed careers because of health problems, I found she had a persistent fear of failure which was keeping her from success in her 2nd career.

Muscle response testing showed areas of energetic blockages in the throat and heart.

In previous sessions, she needed to focus on connecting and communicating with others. Now, however, although her communication was more open and relational, her heart was blocked.  We found out later in the session that fear of failure was key.

Heart Chakra, Fear of Failure, and Opening Our Heart

She applied Open Heart Body-Mind Remedy Lotion from Bio Source Naturals across her chest, above the breasts. Then we waited 30 seconds for absorption into the skin. Using a super-fast EFT tapping on the face hands and fingers with emotions related to the heart chakra, I tapped, fear of rejection, fear of closeness, fear of failure, fear of feeling rejection, fear of feeling failure. She immediately felt calm and peaceful.

This technique (remedy lotion + super fast EFT on emotions connected to energy area) allowed me to go into deeper EFT where the psychological reversal was only present in a few areas. By the end of the session, she had felt a major shift, especially in the areas of fearing failure to extend her career. She felt a door had been opened for her.

Additional Tapping for Stamina to Move into the Future

Previously she had had a prestigous career, neglected herself out of youth and ignorance and, in the process, ruined her health and marriage. Now, remarried and recovering physically, her career could be better but there was the fear of now being able to have the stamina.  We explored this and found we needed to tap:

“fear I can’t do it”
“fear I’ll quit”
“fear I”ll ruin my health”
“fear I’ll fail”
“fear I’ll hurt my marriage”
“fear I just can’t pull it off”
“fear I”m not up for the full time position”
“fear of failure”
“I know better now”
“I take care of myself now”
“I receive energy from doing my work”

She acknowleged that, for the most part, she actually receives energy while doing her job because she enjoys it. Usually the job is not draining physically. She felt a huge shift in this session.

The career expansion was key for her because it was connected to her feelings of connectedness to others, her contribution to society, her income and independence, her standing and feelings of power in her marriage.

My client is a highly intelligent person, and it has not been an easy process to get to the emotional level, as she operates in an analytical mode much of the time. I believe the big shift came as a result of the prior application of Open Heart Body Mind Remedy Lotion and a super-fast EFT to find the source issue, and then rebalancing her energy so she could feel less fear to dig deeper.

Lezlie Cebulski, ND                                                                                                       Founder, Bio Source Naturals

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