Essential Oils for Releasing Fears

Essential Oils for Releasing Fears Fear is a silent, lingering feeling that prevents us from moving forward. It’s a part of the fight or flight response, which is a natural human survival instinct.

But what happens when fear becomes more than a mere silent feeling, and turns into a nagging monster and there’s no fear to be found?

The possibility that something – anything – can simply go wrong can strike fear in even the most fearless of us. When a feeling of fear sets in, the adrenal glands release adrenaline, which creates a very distinct response in our bodies: a fast heart rate; sweating; digestive issues; even blurred vision; palpitations; and numbness.

Our physiological response protects us from the assumed fear but, occasionally, it betrays us. It’s normal to be fearful when seeing a scary movie (if you’re scared by that sort of thing), but when you’re feeling fearful every day, and feeling anxious for no reason at all, then it’s probably time to seek out a solution to put your mind at ease.

Fear is a powerful emotion, and can limit one’s potential if it is allowed to blow out of proportion. The fearful individual does not move forward, and feels stagnant and alone.

Even the very best actors and public speakers have stage fright — the best of us have fear, even though it may be out of proportion. Interestingly enough, it is now recommended by the Birmingham University’s Neuropsychiatry clinic that professional actors use aromatherapy to deal with stage fright (usually coupled with hypnosis).

Essential Oils for Releasing Fears

Essential oils are a calming, natural tool to lessen symptoms of fear.* They are so powerful, that even a few sniffs from the bottle can help an individual to relax almost immediately!*

We’ve put together a list of some of the very best essential oils to use when feeling fear, as well as blends that target specific objects of fear (are you afraid of failure? change?).* Use the oils individually, try out a blend, or pair the ones you like together.

Essential oils can be used in several ways: add a few drops to your bath water; use in a room diffuser; inhale from a tissue or directly from the bottle; or dilute a few drops of oil in 1 ounce of carrier oil (almond oil, jojoba oil, etc…) and rub into your skin.

Read further for our list of essential oils for releasing fears, as well as to request your free collection of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping scripts to use in conjunction with essential oils. Continue reading

Release Fear of the Dark Using EFT with Peace Blend

Release Fear of the Dark Using EFT with Peace Blend


Fear of the dark is one of the most common fears. It can be frightening as a child, and hamper life in many ways as an adult.

Fear of the Dark for 60 Years

A client came to see me with complaints of fear of the dark, and death. She told me she had been in counseling for years off and on. Her fear of the dark started when she was 10 years old after a traumatic surgery.

When she was 10, she was put under an ether mask. She was frightened by the mask as no one had told her what was going to happen or why they were going to cover her face. The ether smell made her dizzy and sick, and she tried to rip the mask off. The attendants then held her down, and she began to feel that she was going to die.

After the surgery, she woke up, physically recovered, and went home to find that her mother had changed her bedroom to an upstairs attic while she was in the hospital. The attic was musty, dark and isolated.

She was afraid of her new surroundings at night, but she was not allowed a night light. She spent weeks crying during the night because she was afraid of the dark. That trauma then caused her to spend the next 60 years afraid of the dark.

Release Fear of the Dark Using EFT with Peace Blend

My client and I discussed the surgery trauma, along with the weeks she spent sleeping in the attic. She had vivid, detailed memories that bothered her, and she discussed them for 20 minutes, uninterrupted. Finally, I told her that underlying her fear of the dark and general anxiety were fears of abandonment which we would need to address in another session.

To get her body and mind prepared for releasing abandonment, she used Lavender essential oil roll on, applied two inches above the navel and across the stomach.* Lavender is an effective oil that helps release abandonment fears.*

To prepare her to release her fear of the dark, she applied Peace Essential Oil Blend one inch below her breasts and across her stomach.* (See the Peace Essential Oil Blend page for a chart on other areas of application to release fear of the dark, other fears, and general anxiety.)

Once my client was calm and ready, I muscle-tested her and found she was “reversed” and unwilling to release this fear. Her arm was floppy and weak–indicating she was not in energetic alignment with the release.

Therefore, we began with an “EFT Psychological Reversal” tapping process as a prerequisite to the subsequent rounds that would release her fear.

I began tapping with her, and had her repeat out loud, after me.

Tapping Script for Releasing Fear of the Dark

Karate Chop Point:  “Even though I am afraid of the dark, and I don’t want to give up this fear, I accept all my feelings and I love myself, deeply and completely.”  3x

Top of the Head:  This fear of the dark feels like protection.

Eyebrow Point:  This fear of the dark makes sense to me.

Side of the Eye:  This fear seems to serve a purpose.

Under the Eye:  I don’t want to let the fear go.

Under the Nose:  I don’t want to release my fear of the dark.

Under the Chin:  This fear feels like protection.

Collarbone:  But, this fear does not give me what I want.

Side of Breast:  I may be willing to release this fear.

Under the Breast:  This fear does not help me.

Then (as everyone should do after a round of tapping), I had her take a deep cleansing breath through the mouth, and I muscle-tested her again on the statement, “I want to release my fear of the dark.”  She was very solid and strong. Memory of the surgery and the attic: Her SUDS level was an 8 (0-10).

Tapping Rounds 2 & 3 

We repeated the EFT in the release statements, and at the end of the tapping, I integrated a bit of abandonment for her brain to make the connection.

Karate Chop Point:  “Even though I am afraid of the dark, and I remember the ether mask covering my face and the dark musty attic, I accept all my feelings and I love myself, deeply and completely.”  3x

Top of the Head:  This fear of the dark under the ether mask.

Eyebrow Point:  This fear of the dark in the musty attic.

Side of the Eye:  Crying in the dark in the musty attic.

Under the Eye:  This fear of the dark under the sickening smell of the ether mask.

Under the Nose:  Feeling abandoned in the dark under the ether mask.

Under the Chin:  Feeling abandoned and afraid in the dark in the attic.

Collarbone: Thinking, “Where is my mother?” in the operating room.

Side of Breast: Feeling, “Why won’t my father come for me when I’m crying in the attic?”

Under the Breast: Feeling abandoned by my mother in the dark attic.

Then I did a third round, and reframed it into statements such as, “I am safe now”, “God is protecting me”, “His angels surround me.”

End of Session

I asked for her SUDS level (0-10), and she paused and looked confused. She told me, “I don’t know if I can give it a number. It is strange, as I can barely remember the surgery. The attic is fuzzy. It is like it was wiped out of my memory.”

This client example shows the beauty of combining essential oils and EFT to release trauma.*

In another article, I’ll discuss abandonment issues which are, In my experience, one of the biggest “stinkers” to release. However, it IS possible!

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