Essential Oils for Weight Loss and Appetite Suppression

Essential Oils for Weight Loss and Appetite SuppressionEssential oils are well-known as weight loss enhancers. You probably know about the “skinny bath,” or how cellulite can be reduced with the application of oils. But did you know that weight loss and appetite can be emotionally connected?

Eating can be a very emotional experience, and sometimes it is easy to eat for emotional reasons. Anxiety and depression can be “comforted” by food, and if food is used as comfort, over and over again, then naturally, this can become habitual and a cause of weight gain.

How Essential Oils Help

The role of essential oils in the support of appetite control is to soothe, comfort and clear the mind, and allow for an inner calm to take place, in order to choose abstinence instead of indulgence.

You can suppress cravings, ease and eliminate stress and anxiety (both really mess with appetite!), as well as balance and increase metabolism, minimize fluid retention, lower cholesterol, help with digestion, and release toxins.

We’ve blended together some of these oils to create a powerful, fat-blasting combination designed to not only help with physical weight loss, but the emotional baggage that provokes it.

Weight Loss Essential Oil Blend Roll On contains:

Lemon: Clears the mind, boosts metabolism, detoxifies, and dissolves fat

Pink Grapefruit: Energizes and detoxifies, dissolves fat

Peppermint: Vitalizes and energizes, reduces appetite, and curbs cravings

This is available in a convenient roll on form that can be applied directly to the body.

Other, single, pure essential oils which help support weight loss:

Emotional Freedom Technique- Tapping can also be used to help with cravings. By tapping acupressure points on your body with clearing statements, as well as the appetite suppressing scents of oils, you can really combat troublesome weight in a powerful way.

If you’re interested in experimenting, try out some DIY blends.

EFT to Stop Eating for Comfort, Safety and Loneliness

EFT to Stop Eating for Comfort, Safety and LonelinessFood does more than simply nourish our bodies. It also creates chemicals that have the ability to change our emotions.

Furthermore, these chemicals play a significant role in the development of addictions.

When we are dealing with stressful or difficult circumstances in our lives, we might discover that food gives us a sense of calm or comfort. It may be a particular food item, or just food in general, that an individual begins to use to achieve emotional support/numbness — much like a drug.

If food is used like a drug, it can add to weight and health issues, as well as stop the emotional and spiritual growth needed to transcend the underlying issues triggering the emotional problems.

EFT to Stop Eating for Comfort, Safety and Loneliness

Women, in particular, eat for emotional comfort. A recent client had discussed with me her weight issue. Even though she is taking a variety of supplements for metabolism, such as Thyro Complex, we worked on the underlying emotions of her overeating.

Her weight problems began when she was between 4-5 years of age. Her brother had started school. Her mother worked during the day, while her father worked the midnight shift, often sleeping most of the day. During this time, she says she remembers being locked in the house, watching TV all day long. We discussed her loneliness, boredom, lack of available emotional comfort, feelings of insecurity and not feeling completely safe.

Much of these emotional memories were not immediately accessible to her, but I intuitively suggested them (I pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit). She then began to discuss a recurring dream in which she is home alone as a small child, running around the house checking locks on the doors.

Identifying Past Circumstances That Led to Weight Gain

Remembering her dream, she could now see the connection of her weight gain to the accompanying feelings of insecurity, lack of safety, lack of emotional comfort, loneliness and boredom. She could make sense of it all. Additionally, from looking at photos, she could see that from 4-5 years of age, she became overweight. She had been overweight since, but did not have clarity regarding why she continued to overeat.

Tapping (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique)

We then began to tap on all of the emotions, along with the situations behind them, one by one. She was assigned homework to continue tapping and releasing these emotions as triggers came up in between sessions, as EFT to stop eating for comfort, safety and loneliness can be very effective.*

Next, I muscle tested her for Open Heart Body-Mind Remedy Lotion which heals an energetically closed heart from hurt and rejection.* She applied the lotion, and I intuited she had felt great rejection in her life.

Upon suggesting this, she said her mother had gone through a major depressive episode when she was 6-8 years of age and did not like to hug or be hugged. She remembers being pushed away. We tapped on these feelings of rejection, including feelings that she currently has, that are triggered by her husband.

She was feeling triggered by her husband when he needed some time alone after a stressful day. It puzzled her why she would feel rejected when she rationally knew his “down time” had nothing to do with his feelings for her. Tapping on her feelings of rejection around her mother helped her two-fold: she felt more peaceful about her mother, as well as her husband.

Further EFT sessions will focus on other emotional eating issues and cravings for this client.

Lezlie Cebulski, ND                                                                                                    Founder of Bio Source Naturals

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.